The origin of ZitSnok Tiny’Ead is a morbid and bizarre tale. One evening, during some especially thick infighting, a Nob by the name of Snok-Lobba wandered into the Dok’s tent holding his own badly battered head, and pleaded with the Dok to reattach it to his shoulders. The Dok, feeling a bit lazy, begrudgingly accepted the patient into his care. He laid the over-sized Nob down on the operating table and began the procedure. However, the second he lifted the head to begin reattachment it fell apart in his hands. The Dok was in a spot now. He had taken an oath to, once a patient was accepted, never give up until all options had been exhausted or he got bored with them, and he was still intrigued by this case. With fire in his heart and whirly-gigs in his brain he called his grot orderly Zitz over to his side. Believing he was to deliver tools as always, Zitz climbed from his seat and dragged the tray of pointy-stabbies over to his master’s side. Upon arrival though he was snapped up by the Dok and before he could utter any noises or questions his head was separated from his shoulders by the swipe of a large jagged knife. With no time to spare the Dok set about his gruesome work. When he was finished, the new, strange hybrid of nob and grot rose from the table a forever-changed ork. Zitz the gretchin and Snok-lobba the nob were no more. Zitsnok was born. With the “cunning” of a gretchin and the sheer power and ambition of a nob, Zitsnok was nigh unstoppable on his rise to the top. Before any ork could really grasp what had happened, Zitsnok Tiny’Ead (as he came to be known) was Warboss of the ZogWaagh clan. With a fierce desire to prove to the other clans that a Boss didn’t need a big head to rule over their brethren, only a big brain and some big guns, Zitsnok began his campaign of destruction. Gretchin everywhere see Zitsnok as an inspiration to their kind, an ideal to strive for, and a paragon to worship. Zitsnok however seems to have forgotten his roots and has taken to the normal ork practice of stepping on and bullying his old brethren.

Zitsnok is an entry I did for a local painting contest and will also be leading my upcoming Ork army into battle.